Simple DIY projects anyone can do.

Refinishing things you have is a great way to save money and keep an item in the family.

This first item is the toy box i used as a child in the 70's. Yeah, I am old. I wanted to hand it down to my daughter who wasn't born yet. It was still in good shape but the color didn't really match my our current decor. I did this project about 3 years ago and that is why there are not more pictures.

I didn't have to much to the toy box to get the result I wanted. First, I took off the hinges and the rope handles. Then I sanded it down with 150 grit sand paper to get down to the bare wood. Then I stained it with a espresso color stain and let it dry. I did have to buy some new rope from the home center to replace the handles since I had to cut them to get them off.  All in all my cost was about $10 to do this project.


This next project is a dresser that my wife's older sister used and then my wife used as kid in her room. My wife wanted to give this to our daughter but again it didn't really match the stuff we have.

Again this project was done about 2 and half years ago and therefore don't have any in process pictures.


This dresser needed a little more work than the toy box. I had to buy some hardboard at the home center to replace the bottom. I also bought some small L brackets to sturdy up the top. Lastly I had to wax the drawer slides to keep the drawers from sticking.


Then I just sanded the whole thing with 150 grit and then 220 grit sand paper to get a nice smooth finish. I put 2 coats of spray paint on it and then put new knobs on the the front and voila.

I put about $50 total into the project and it works great.


I hope this inspires you to refinish and hand-me down furniture that you have.