Better cuts with this blade!

Freud D1024X Diablo 10-Inch 24-Tooth ATB Ripping Saw Blade


  • Model # - D1024X
  • Diameter - 10"
  • Machine Use - Table Saw
  • Application - Ripping
  • Teeth - 24 ATB (Alternate-Top Bevel)
  • Arbor - 5/8"
  • Kerf - .098"
  • Hook Angle - 15°


  • Great blade for ripping.
  • Leaves no burning on hard maple and walnut.
  • Leaves a straight, smooth, and burn free edge for gluing.
  • Great for ripping boards that can be made into cutting boards.
  • Thin kerf allows lower powered table saws to still cut harder or thicker woods with ease.
  • Can use for cross-cutting on lumber, OSB, and lower grade plywoods.


  • The red coating can cause sticking at the arbor on some table saws.


I have a an older craftsman contractors saw. I was having a hard time cutting hardwoods. My saw would bog down or cause lots of edge burn when cutting hardwoods with a "general purpose blade". I was trying to make cutting boards and was having to do a lot of sanding to get the edges good enough to glue together. I did some research and found this blade. What a difference it made! I can now cut all of the hardwoods I use with ease. Sometimes after ripping all my boards, I will leave this blade in when using my cross-cut sled because it does such a a good job.

In conclusion, If you are using a general purpose blade and/or are using a less than 3hp table saw, I highly recommend this blade.