5 books every Woodworker needs.


  • The New Bandsaw Box Book is a great book. It has over 200 reviews on Amazon and still has a 5 star rating. This book has step by step instructions and templates for 7 different boxes. These boxes are great for gifts of craft fairs.


  • Make Your Own Cutting Boards book is another great project book. This books has 15 different cutting boards designs with step by step instructions and pictures to guide you in building your project.


  • This book has lots of info and mixed in with good humor only Nick Offerman can bring. This book is well illustrated and great read.


  • Hybrid Woodworking will show you which machines and power tools are best for the grunt work of furniture making. It will explain which hand tools are essential for fine-tuning. And best of all, it will demonstrate techniques for working flawlessly and efficiently with every machine and tool in your shop. Making beautiful furniture can be immensely gratifying. By adopting the hybrid woodworking system you can get to that satisfying end result with less effort while enjoying every step along the way.


  • One-board Woodworking Projects is great for new woodworkers or hobbyist. This will give you simple projects that you can use or sell with a minimal investment in wood cost.


One-Board Woodworking Projects
By Andy Standing